When Ghost-Architect was forty-five years old, he left his Radiant City and went into the World.

Two Radiant Children of the City shouted after him: ‘Faint Light! Why fleest thou from the Light?’

Ghost-Architect murmured thus to himself: ‘Oblivious are the Void Follower and the Deconstructive Specimen, to that fact that the City is no longer radiant…’

Thus began Ghost-Architect’s down-going.



The first entity he met in the World was a Cathedral named ‘Will’. The Cathedral spoke thus to Ghost-Architect: ‘What desiredst the hands of will, that which shaped the stones to build me?’

‘Woe is me! This is a futile question to me’, said Ghost-Architect. ‘My light is too faint to remove this old Will that speaks. Ah! How I desire, like the New Spirit, the Hero, who established the Radiant City, to cleanse away completely all traces of meaning! But this Cathedral as ‘place’ is too burdensome for me…’ The walls of the Cathedral were moistened by the laments and the tears of Ghost-Architect.

Feeling the dampness, the cathedral spoke thus: ‘Ghost-Architect! Use thy tears to wipeth the Wills that have covered this ‘place.’ ‘Yea, unlike that Hero, an exterminator I am not; but a taxidermist I can be!’ Thus Ghost-Architect ripped open the moistened walls of the Cathedral with his sharp gaze, as sharp as the beak of a raven. Into the torn gap, he inserted his open hand, and began to eviscerate the Cathedral. The writhing entrails of memory and meaning began to slowly squirm out.

(The earth opened its rift and let the entrails enter.)

Ghost-Architect entered into the torn gap of the Cathedral, which was left with only its walls. He started cleaning the viscous leftovers of meaning and memory on the insides of the wall with his transparent tears. ‘By getting rid of these, the inside will now have an interior that is surrounded by a glassy envelope.’ The Cathedral became a silent stuffed specimen. Thus declared Ghost-Architect:  ‘As the envelope becomes transparent, the interior becomes filled with space.’ He contemplated over this space of silence and stayed a while.

(The entrails that he had pulled out are alive in the earth.)



Hearing a loud noise, Ghost-Architect turned towards the exterior, carrying the stuffed Cathedral on his back. He arrived at a certain marketplace. People were conversing with vulgar and ostentatious buildings. The New Spirit of Ghost-Architect lamented: ‘Alas. With impure things, they were having conversations.’

An Eunuch-Buffoon came up to him and said: ‘Thou who art self-radiant, why dost thou enter into the marketplace, defiling thy feet? I fear, that thine heel will bruise my glans.’ Thus Ghost-Architect answered: ‘A mere architect, I am.’

The Eunuch-Buffoon said: ‘I have built what I want, and I have conversed with them. But something architectural, I was not able to construct.’ At that sound, the people gathered and said: ‘Tell us the building that thou desirest, and we will attempt to build it.’ ‘These people are ignorant – I am an architect who does not construct with words,’ thought Ghost-Architect to himself, and spoke: ‘My eyes make an architectural envelope. The envelope defines space.’ The people murmured: ‘What? Space? We are not ghosts…’ Making his way through the crowd, an individual came up and said: ‘I am Governor-Philosopher. It seems that his eyes hinder him from expressing what he desireth. Let us peer into the image reflected on his eyeballs, and create space.’ Thus they left in order to build it.

Ghost-Architect waited 40 days for space to be built. The Governor-Philosopher appeared and said: ‘What art thou still doing here? People have already produced spaces, and are exchanging them.’ ‘Production? Exchange?’ Ghost-Architect looked at the people. There was space in the mouths of the people, and they exchanged space through kissing. Observing this, the Eunuch-Buffoon became aroused. When the gaze of Ghost-Architect fell on his genitals, the Eunuch-Buffon ejaculated, and sang:

‘My father, philosopher, deported out from the world. My mother, harlot, deported out from the city. I, Buffon, sing from the Ship of Fools. Beware! The reality of deportees may yet return again to gulp down your spirit like a beast.’

The eyeball of Ghost-Architect was dampened by his semen. ‘Your eyeball cannot experience the taste of desire.’ Saying this, the Governor-Philosopher attached his mouth and tongue to the eyeball of Ghost-Architect. ‘With this tongue, you can taste the desire that has covered your eyeball. Also, with this mouth, you can speak of the space in your mouth. But beware! Beware that your heel does not bruise your tongue.’

Having said thus, the Governor-Philosopher left Ghost-Architect.

Queen of Architecture


Feeling miserable, Ghost-Architect turned his back unto the World and went towards the Radiant City. He murmured: ‘How I wish that the Deconstructive Specimen did not become a perverse Exhibitionist… that the Void Follower did not become an Aesthetic Poor…’ However, he lost his way and began to wander around in a cave. From a distance, a voice was heard: ‘Come this way. The Light of the City is at the end of the cave.’ Following the voice, Ghost-Architect saw an elderly woman, and behind her, the corrupted City of lights. He said: ‘That is not the Radiant City. It is not the Transparent Light.’ ‘Right. So, do not go to that Opaque Place,’ the elderly woman said. He replied: ‘Woman, I could make that city transparent with my gaze.’

(Unlike an architectural envelope for the building, there is no such thing as an urban envelope for the city.)

When the two had reached the edge of the city, an unknown lady said: ‘You Virgin-Harlot! Why dost thou try to bring in the ‘Space Creator’ into my city of lights?’ (The elderly woman was a harlot, the mother of the Eunuch-Buffoon.) ‘Oh Queen of Architecture! We ask for thine mercy! He is a pitiful architect who has arrived here after having wandered around in the Philosopher’s Cave.’ She replied.

Queen of Architecture: ‘Thou who bearest the stuffed specimen. Where are the entrails of this pitiable Cathedral?’

Ghost-Architect: ‘The insides of the transparent envelope is filled with space. Within the envelope, there is also the plan that defines space. Also, the envelope, that is, the elevation, translates the plan.’

Queen of Architecture: ‘A mere shell, that thing is. Thine elevation betrays the plan, because a laceration of envelope is what thou hast created. This is not a rift that generates plan and elevation of the World. No message, Thine elevation gives to me.’

(Having said this, the Queen of Architecture then disappeared.)

The Virgin-Harlot said: ‘Nobody understands what thine colonized mouth speaketh. Hence I shall attach my anus to thine eyeball.’ ‘What? Already attached to my eyeball are the mouth and tongue of the Philosopher…’ While Ghost-Architect was still thinking this, her anus was attached to his mouth. As his tongue started to lick the anus, Ghost-Architect lost all feelings of disgust and ecstasy. The anus in the mouth. ‘Now when thou speakest of space, an excrement called Letter-Symbol shall come forth. Attach that to the envelope of space. Then people shall be able to realize what thine space is for,’ the Virgin-Harlot said.

Clearing or Homecoming


This is a Forest of Space. Transparency and Brilliance. I take a stroll. Ah, the blissful space manifests itself in an epiphany!

(Ghost-Architect is completely startled.)

Oh! This feeling of warmth, of reality, felt by my heel! I am afraid to look down. My viscid tongue gets stepped on and bruised by my uncanny feet.

The vagina that appears in front of him speaks: ‘Worship thine sister!’

Upon hearing these words, Ghost-Architect begins to divide into two: Ghost and Architect.

(Later, Ghost haunts the Architecture-World and wounds the Oculus Mundi.)

I get an erection. I spray my semen onto the ground. This is ‘clearing’. At this time and place of ‘wonder’, I become wiser. Now then, I load my limp penis onto the boat. Adieu, my Ghost on the eyeball. I now begin my voyage towards the End of the World, to my Homeland.



Ghost-Architect awaked. The Erotic Architecture that he had met at the world’s end has been projected onto his eyeball. The orgasmic liquid seeped out from his genitals.

(Nocturnal emission)

Having observed these, the Virgin-Harlot finally left his side, leaving behind the Harlot’s hello…

Thus began the Architecture-World’s down-going.